KADOKAWA kick off new series of variety DVDs

Keisuke Koumoto is the first seiyuu to feature on KADOKAWA’s new variety project.

KADOKAWA, in collaboration with Production Ace, is going to produce a new series of variety DVDs.

声優ビデオ 声をおいてくる (Seiyu Video Koe wo Oitekuru) is the title of this new series of variety DVDs.

The 1st volume is going to focus on seiyuu Keisuke Koumoto. It is scheduled to be released on 25/09/2019.

The DVD comes with the following contents:

  • Main DVD
  • 1 special cover
  • 1 Postcard
  • 1 Application card  to apply to win one of the 3 Keisuke Koumoto’s hand-drawn message & signed postcards
  • Narration track by Keisuke Koumoto

Seiyu Video Koe wo Oitekuru Koumoto Keisuke Hen is available for pre-order at CDJAPAN.

Source: MOCA news