K4 Company release music video for “K for…”

K4 Company released today the music video for their first single “K for…“.

K4 Company is a youtube and nico nico show in collaboration with Nizista that counts with 4 MCs: Kento Hama, Takuya Matsumoto, Shohei Komatsu and Takeaki Masuyama, all Ken Production’s talents (coincidentally, all are also part of Idolmaster SideM). The four are part of a fictitious starter company and will try to make it a success story through a variety of challenges.

K for…” was released today (16/07/2018) and is the quartet’s first single.

The art for the cover (left) and back (right) is the following:

The tracklist is the following:

1 - K for…
2 - K4 体操 [lyrics by K4 Company]
3 - K for…(アナザーバージョン)
4 - K for…(instrumental)

A video with previews to all songs on this release is out.

A commentary video featuring K4 and Tsubasa Yonaga was released alongside the music video for “K for…“.

The single comes with the following bonus:

K for… is available for purchase at Nizista’s store – HERE.

SOURCE: K4 Company official twitter account