K4 Company release details on first single “K for…”

K4 Company are ready to release their first single. Get to know more on this release on this special article.

K4 Company is a youtube and nico nico show in collaboration with Nizista that counts with 4 MCs: Kento Hama, Takuya Matsumoto, Shohei Komatsu and Takeaki Masuyama, all Ken Production’s talents (coincidentally, all are also part of Idolmaster SideM). The four are part of a fictitious starter company and will try to make it a success story through a variety of challenges.

It was announced last week that they’re going to release their first single “K for…“, scheduled to be released on 16/07/2018.

The art for the cover (left) and back (right) is the following:

The tracklist is the following:

1 - K for…
2 - K4 体操 [lyrics by K4 Company]
3 - K for…(アナザーバージョン)
4 - K for…(instrumental)

Previews to all songs on this single are already out.

A still from the music video for “K for…” was released this week and is the following:

The single comes with the following bonus:

K for… is available for purchase at Nizista’s store – HERE.

SOURCE: K4 Company official twitter account (1) (2) (3)