Just 4U “Daitan futeki ni koi shitai” (Review)

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JUST 4U came to steal the show with the funky throwback pop tune, “Daitan futeki ni koi shitai“.

JUST 4U consists of Haruto Kuroki (Ken Production), Issei Furuta (Ken Production), Shun Yasuda (Ken Production) and Taiki Bito (Ken Production).

Title: Readyyy! Project
Release date: 01/05/2018
Genre: Pop/Dance/Pop-Rock


1 - Special Nu World (performed by SP!CA)
2 - キミが見た空は (performed by Maten Rocket)
3 - 大胆不敵に恋したい (performed by Just 4U)
4 - GO NOW! (performed by RayGlanZ)
5 - BEAT IN LOVE (performed by La-Veritta)
[Disclaimer: Although this song is part of the Readyyy! Project album, we decided to review all 5 songs separately in order to give a better insight on each group and song.]

Track analysis:

3 – 大胆不敵に恋したい

Channeling old-school pop vibes, JUST 4U shows everyone that they are Readyyy! Project’s resident funky group.

A groovy bass line leads the way for this throwback instrumental. “Daitan futeki ni koi shitai” bet big on a classic pop sound, very reminiscing of the 80’s, early 90’s pop tunes, featuring synths, gated reverb drums, blues guitar licks and Latin inspired piano melodies. This song was so well crafted that it’s as if it came straight from the 80’s and not from the 10’s. This instrumental is quite an impressive piece filled with completely different yet complementary charms. It is modern yet old-school, fun and slightly alluring. And its warm, summery vibe is certain to catch the listener’s attention. After listening to all songs featured on Readyyy! Project‘s first CD, it’s safe to say that JUST 4U have the best instrumental track of them all.

If it wasn’t enough that the instrumental was quite impressive, vocally, JUST 4U are a complete group with a lot of talent in their ranks. They covered all essential bases and even went the extra mile to add falsetto, harmonizations, vibrato and ad-libs into the mix. They pulled everything off and did it in such a groovy way, making it impossible not to enjoy their entertaining performance. Individually, Haruto Kuroki and Issei Furuta stood out with their all-rounded performances. They are a strong duo, with vocals that fit perfectly with this kind of music (with major focus on harmonies and a groovy performances).

However, let’s not forget about Shun Yasuda and Taiki Bito. Yasuda surprised with a unique nasal singing tone that sounds cute at first, but it has a twist. He can go for high notes and, in the middle of that “cuteness”, add an alluring touch to his vocals. Also, he’s surprisingly stable and brought a lot of energy to this performance. Taiki Bito wasn’t as impressive as his fellow members, nevertheless his performance was still enjoyable. He might need to improve his vocals to be on the same level as his peers.

JUST 4U surprised with their consistency and rich vocals. For those that judge a book for its cover: don’t let the group’s visuals fool you into thinking that they focus on being “cute”. It’s quite the opposite. Their sound is funky and their vibe is playful while having an underlying alluring vibe.

As a whole, “Daitan futeki ni koi shitai” is the best debut song in the Readyyy! Project franchise. High quality vocals and old-school instrumental are just some of the things that will impress you. JUST 4U will take you back in time to show you a great time. And it is so worth it.

Final rating:

This song is available for purchase on iTunes and free streaming on Spotify.

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