Junon unveil cover and previews for Taku Yashiro’s 1st photobook

JUNON unveiled the cover and released previews of Taku Yashiro‘s first photobook.

Taku Yashiro is going to release his 1st photobook “Taku Yashiro First Photo Book TAKU” on 24/05/2019. This photobook is going to be released in collaboration with the pop culture magazine Junon.

The photobook is going to include photos taken in his hometown Iwate, wearing a yukata, eating waffles and several photos taken in Tokyo.

The cover is the following.

Junon released a couple of previews.

More details on this photobook are going to be unveiled in the upcoming month.

Taku Yashiro’s First Photo Book TAKU is available for purchase at CDJAPAN.

Hirake Hachi Dai Hirake First Photo Book (Photobook) / Yashiro Taku / Cho TAKUYASUGIE / [Satsuei]
Yashiro Taku / Cho TAKUYASUGIE / [Satsuei]

Source: Junon official Twitter account

Last updated on 25/05/2019