Junichi Suwabe joins cast of Catharsistage!

New additions to the cast of Catharsistage!.

Catharsistage! is mixed-media project created by DMM games (behind Touken Ranbu, Starry Palette, etc). Earlier this year, DMM games announced the launch of a PC/android/iOS game in 2019. It will feature full 3D for all scenes in the game (story and performances).

The game is set at a male dorm of a music agency. Several young men aiming to become professional musicians/idols live together at the dorm. The player will become a counselor and manager to those young men, helping them overcome their anxieties and fears, as well as solve problems between them.

Several promotional videos highlighting part of the gameplay, story and a performances in-game were released.



The cast counts with KENN and Tomoaki Maeno. Both voice Love*Raccoon‘s Ryo and Seiji (respectively). Three previews of Love*Raccoon‘s 君と僕とで (group and Seiji and Ryo’s versions) are available on Catarsistage! official website.


The game is going to feature several units. So far 5 units were introduced to fans: Love*Raccoon, BIRD CLUB, お祭きゃっと (Omatsuri kyatto), jolly-doggy and オイスター★じゅり子 (Oyster ★ Jyuriko).

BIRD CLUB counts with Hiro Shimono, Yuya Hozumi and Jun Fukuyama. Visuals for each character were unveiled.

お祭きゃっと counts with Shunichi Toki, Kaito Ishikawa, Chiharu Sawashiro and Wataru Urata. Visuals for each character were unveiled.

jolly-doggy counts with Yoshiki Nakajima, Yuma UchidaYuki OnoShouta Aoi and Kousuke Toriumi. Visuals for each character were released.

DMM games has started unveiled the cast for オイスター★じゅり子  (Oyster ★ Jyuriko). Yuto Suzuki is the first name announced.

More details on this game – including additional cast and new song and gameplay previews – are going to be revealed in the upcoming months.

SOURCE: Catarsistage! official website / Catarsistage! official twitter account