Jun Fukuyama releases teaser video for “Bocchi Show” DVD and Blu-ray release

Jun Fukuyama’s Bocchi show

Pony Canyon released today a short promotional video for Jun Fukuyama first live DVD and Blu-ray “Bocchi Show“. This release hits the stores in 2018.

ひとりのBocchi Show” is going to be released on 21/02/2018, available on DVD and Blu-ray versions. A special Kyanime version (sold exclusively in Japan) is going to be issued.

The cover art is the following:

Digipack cover
DVD and Blu-ray three-way back case
Kyanime exclusive three-way back case

The complete live performance tracklist is the following:

1. Bocchi Show theme song
2. Winning for billions featuring 福山潤 by OOPARTZ・福山潤
3. 特急コスモライナー by OOPARTZ
4. Go Ahead
6. ランプジェンガ -upper club remix-
7. OWL
9. Hi-Fi-Highway

A special three-way back case, special digipack and original photo booklet are included in all editions of this release. Both editions come with an “off shoot” video + CD with Bocchi Show‘s theme song + talk part.

A digest video was released yesterday on Pony Canyon‘s official youtube channel.

For those looking into getting to know a little bit of what happened on this event, please refer to this article.

Bocchi Show” is available for pre-order on CDJAPAN for all overseas fans.

SOURCE: Jun Fukuyama music official website / Jun Fukuyama official twitter account