Kento Ito and Wataru Komada read Kenji Miyazawa’s “The restaurant of many orders”

Kento Ito, Wataru Komada

After last year’s collaboration photobook, Kento Ito and Wataru Komada join forces for a reading of Kenji Miyazawa’s classic book.

Kento Ito and Wataru Komada, seiyuu popular for their work in the Hypnosis Mic franchise as part of Matenro and MAD TRIGGER CREW respectively, featured on a special photobook part of the Bungo Nostalgia series in 2019.

The theme for their photobook at that time was Kenji Miyazawa’s The restaurant of many orders

This time around, Ito and Komada lend their voice to the story itself, for what is an attention grabbing 20 minute reading video.

Check it out below!

According to information on MOGURA BOOKS’ official twitter, this video is only going to be up until May 31, 2020. Make sure to listen to the story before it is removed from their official youtube channel.