Issa Kizuku “ruby x emerald” (Review)

Issa Kizuku’s entry in the 2nd season of the Bi-color series arrives with a bang.

Title: VAZZROCK bi-color series 2nd season Kizuku Issa-ruby×emerald- 
Label: Tsukipro/Movic 
Release date: 18/10/2019 
Genre: Pop/Rock


1 - ドラマ「He is sexy.」 
2 - ドラマ「Would you like to eat dinner together?」 
4 - No Instruction (performed by Masahiro Yamanaka and Takuya Sato)
5 - GAN GAN TRAVEL -off vocal- 
6 - No Instruction -off vocal-

Track by track analysis:


The clock ticks as it introduces us to a high throttle mix rock and electronica. GAN GAN TRAVEL relies heavily on its bass sound to make an impact on the listener. The bass line reverts and has quite some pedals and effects, the drums are simple, a mix of samples and live drums that work perfectly with this song. The guitar riffs have the same treatment as the bass, loads of effect pedals bring out a muffled yet raw-ish sound from them.

Vocally, Masahiro Yamanaka continues to impress with his versatility and quality. His performance is energetic and imposing, gripping the listener’s attention from the very first notes into the song. His vibrato and falsetto are used skillfully, enhancing parts of the chorus and the outro. Cathy song with na energetic performance that will, in return, drain your energy. 4.5/5

4 – No Instruction

This mini-album’s duet song bets heavily on an alluring, slightly sexy sound that stands out. The song is slow paced and simple, featuring funky guitar riffs, a groovy bass line and hi-hat-driven drums. The verses have a “cool” vibe whereas the chorus is warm and exciting, catching our attention with its melodies and dynamics.

No instruction is no that than a song performed by two of the best verses singers when it comes to make things alluring and dangerous – Masahiro Yamanaka and Takuya Sato. With Yamanaka and Sato’s vibrato on the table , as well as their solid low-to-mod tones, this was a performance to feast on. The highlight of the release. 5/5

Final rating:

Issa Kizuku manages to add another great entry to the bi-color series. After impressing us with the nu-metal inspired sound in the first entry, he now explored rock and electronica as well as dabbled on a slower, funkier rock sound.

GAN GAN TRAVEL has a rather repetitive chorus but it is catchy enough for us to be able to forgive it. The instrumental is fast paced and overflowing with energy, something unexpected taking into account Issa’s previous entry in the bi-color series.

No instruction is easily the highlight of this release. From the instrumental, focusing on a funky riffs and groovy bass lines to the honeyed vocals of Masahiro Yamanaka and Takuya Sato‘s this song just a treat to listen to, much do to how tasteful the alluring tone of the song was handled.

All in all, Issa Kizuku’s 2nd entry in the bi-color series is one of the highlights among all entries released so far in this season. It is exciting but also laidback. It is powerful and sexy. Masahiro Yamanaka continues to impress with his skills delivering two ear catching performances in a must listen entry.

Kiduku Issa -saphire×ruby- is available for purchase at CDJAPAN.

"VAZZROCK" bi-color Series 2nd Season / Issa Kizuku (Masahiro Yamanaka) & Reiji Amaha (Takuya Sato)
Issa Kizuku (Masahiro Yamanaka) & Reiji Amaha (Takuya Sato)

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