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Impish Crow

Impish Crow explore funky and groovy melodies in the simplistic tune, “Sky is the limit“.

Title: DIG-ROCK ―BLUE― Type:IC
Label: TEAM Entertainment Inc. 
Release date: 04/11/2020
Genre: Powerpop


1 - 過去と、現在と
2 - サウンドプロデューサー
3 - 日暮家、来訪
4 - 不法侵入
5 - みんなで飛ぼうぜ!
6 - Sky is the limit
7 - 過去と、未来と

Track by track analysis:

6 – Sky is the limit

Intense guitar licks and thunderous bass line lead the way to Sky is the limit.

Even by Impish Crow standards, this is a pretty simple song.

The band dons their classic 4-piece rock band sound in style with the bass being the prominent element to this song, the driving core. I am particularly fond of the tone of the bass in this song.

Around the massive bass line, we find a blend of introspective guitar licks and edgy, shredding guitar riffs, the same as in the quiet, tight intro, but this time around going a bit wider, as the instrumental slowly introduces new elements into the mix.

Such new elements include pounding drums, the ones responsible for giving life to the exciting, hyped up chorus.

Although there are plenty of awesome moments on the instrumental, I must say that my attention was almost all dedicated to the bass line.

It’s not only in the verses that it’s groovy, in the chorus it goes pretty wild and all you can hear is a really good mix with the bass on top being the backdrop to Yuma Uchida’s charismatic performance.

Yuma Uchida goes for a more comfortable performance this time around, relying a lot on his mid-tones for power and consistency and going a bit higher in his register to add excitement and variety to his performance.

Although incredibly simple as a song, Sky is the Limit has a unique flair and energy that make it impossible not to enjoy it again and again.

Meet Impish Crow

Impish Crow is an indie rock band fronted by TSUGUMI (CV: Yuma Uchida) with guitarist TOKI (CV: Takuya Eguchi), bassist MITSURU (CV: Wataru Hatano) and drummer HIBARI (CV: Shinnosuke Tachibana).

So far, the band released the following songs:

DIG-ROCK ―BLUE― Type:IC is available for purchase at CDJAPAN.



Impish Crow's "Sky is the Limit" goes funky and delivers one one hell of a groovy, exciting performance in which bass is king. On top of it, Yuma Uchida's vocals seal the deal with powerful mid-tones and smooth transitions - that still pack a bit of punch.


Sky is the Limit
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