Impish Crow “Beyond the sky” (Review)

Impish Crow

Impish Crow emotionally wrap up their first batch of CDs with Beyond the sky.

DIG-ROCK branches out from the drama CD series MintLip. This is a mixed media project that incorporates music with drama CDs. To get to know more about this project please refer to THIS article.

Impish Crow is an indie rock band fronted by TSUGUMI (CV: Yuma Uchida) with guitarist TOKI (CV: Takuya Eguchi), bassist MITSURU (CV: Wataru Hatano) and drummer HIBARI (CV: Shinnosuke Tachibana).

Impish Crow
Title: DIG-ROCK Impish Crow Vol.3 
Label: TEAM Entertainment Inc. 
Release date: 25/12/2019
Genre: Ballad / Powerpop


1 - 決意の夜と、いつもどおりの朝 [DRAMA]
2 - 降ってきたチャンス [DRAMA]
3 - うまく噛み合わない [DRAMA]
4 - 絶交だからな! [DRAMA]
5 - 覚悟、決めたんだ [DRAMA]
6 - 新たなスタート [DRAMA]
7 - Beyond the sky

Track analysis:

7 – Beyond the sky

Beyond the sky is a departure from the band’s powerpop sound. Melancholia is at the root of this track, influencing the melodies that drive this song forward.

That is most noticeable in the melancholic guitar intro that then evolves into a looping riff, the backdrop for all the slow paced, balladesque instrumentalization that paints this emotional soundscape.

The build up for the chorus is slow but pretty much done in a late 90s powerpop fashion.

The dynamics in the chorus open but not enough to change the tone of the song or even go all out in its ballad undertones. It is simple enough, putting the focus on the vocals.

On the vocal end this is a completely different performance from Impish Crow. Up until now, Impish Crow were all about their bass sound, shifting between exciting powerpop tunes to funk-rock.

Tackling a ballad was something expecting some time down the line for this band but not as soon. Still, it is a nice change of pace, add a new dimension to the band’s sound and putting Uchida’s vocals to test.

Yuma Uchida goes dramatic for his performance, bringing a bit of rawness into his vocals, something that enhances the ballad undertones in this track.

All in all, Impish Crow‘s Beyond the sky is a solid ballad that shows new colors for this band. A great way to wrap up this 3-CD series.

Beyond the sky is available for purchase at CDJAPAN.

DIG-ROCK Impish Crow / Drama CD (Yuma Uchida, Takuya Eguchi, Wataru Hatano, et al.)
Drama CD (Yuma Uchida, Takuya Eguchi, Wataru Hatano, et al.)