Idolmaster SideM unveil tracklist for upcoming single “Reason!!”

Lantis unveiled today the tracklist for Idolmaster SideM‘s upcoming release.

Reason!!” is scheduled to be released on 15/11/2017, available in regular and limited editions.

A new group photo was released but this isn’t the cover art for the release.

The full tracklist is finally out and is the following for both editions:

(performed by 315 STARS - DRAMATIC STARS, Beit, S.E.M, High✕Joker, W and Jupiter)
(performed by DRAMATIC STARS, S.E.M and Jupiter)
(performed by Beit, High✕Joker and W)

The limited edition comes with:

  • Special bromide/jacket illustration (1 random from 6 types)
  • Blu-ray includes non credit opening credits + “Greeting Tour” digest video
  • Illustration jacket drawn by A-1 Pictures

On CDJAPAN both editions come with a special first press bonus:

First Press Detail an illustration card randomly selected from six kinds + application card through serial code (until December 10, 2017)

Reason!!” is available for pre-order on CDJAPAN for all overseas fans.

SOURCES: Lantis official website / Idolmaster SideM anime official twitter



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  1. “A new group photo was released but this isn’t the cover art for the release.” you’re wrong, the illustration you posted IS AN ACTUAL COVER ART.

    • Lantis mentioned that the cover art might not be that on their website (subject to change) at the time we wrote this news. The time in which we wrote and the time in which this news was posted on our website are different. Anyways we’ll check it again and correct anything that might need a correction.
      Thanks for your comment and a friendly reminder: if you’re going to comment on our website, please avoid doing it in an offensive way.

    • Lantis mentions this under the photo: 実際のジャケ写とは異なります。Rough translation: the actual jacket cover might be different. It can actually happen that this illustration ends up being the cover (cropped is the only way for it to work) but as you should know, the single has 2 editions – meaning 2 different covers, and a wide illustration won’t even fit a single jacket. So there might be changes to it hence why I won’t report misleading information and claim that is the actual cover (which it isn’t). Thanks anyway for coming here trying to fix this news but there’s actually nothing to fix unless Lantis officially releases the cover art for both editions.





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