IDOLISH7 to release new song on series’ 4th DVD

It seems like there’s another IDOLiSH7 song on its way. The 4th DVD of the anime series is going to include a new song.

With IDOLiSH7‘s anime series coming to a close next month (last two episodes were postponed to late May), it seems that the franchise is going to reward their fans with yet another song.

TODAY IS” is an insert song included in the 4th DVD of the series, scheduled to be released on 25/05/2018. The song is, of course, performed by IDOLiSH7, lyrics are by Erica Masaki and composition by Kensuke Okamoto.

The other benefits included with this DVD are: audio commentary, drama CD (featuring IDOLiSH7 and TRIGGER), special booklet and a bromide. For more details on those bonuses, please visit Pash Plus‘ official website – HERE. 

For those that might be interested in this release, IDOLiSH7 Vol.4 is available for purchase on CDJAPAN in both its DVD and Blu-ray limited editions.

SOURCE: Pash Plus