IDOLiSH7 to release 3 new songs starting this September

New music from IDOLiSH7 to drop for 3 consecutive months.

Following yesterday’s IDOLiSH7‘s special 4th anniversary broadcast, IDOLiSH7 are going to release 3 new songs, to be released consecutively in the span of 3 months. These songs are an important part of the current 4th story chapter.

The first release is Iori and Riku’s 解決ミステリー (Kaiketsu mystery). The song is scheduled for release on 27/09/2019.

Two other songs, titles and pairings still unknown, are going to be released in October and November respectively.

More details on all these releases are going to be unveiled in the upcoming weeks.

SOURCE: IDOLiSH7 official twitter account / Official website