IDOLiSH7 showcase a matured sound and improved chemistry and vocals in DiSCOVER THE FUTURE.

Label: Lantis
Release date: 26/08/2020 
Genre: Pop


2 - Everyday Yeah!
4 - Everyday Yeah! (Off Vocal)

Track by track analysis:


DiSCOVER THE FUTURE brings on the excitement of IDOLISH7’s songs but tones it down a little bit. Synths and strings coexist in this track, creating a tasteful base to the upbeat tune. The beat is simple and guitar riffs are emotional.

The verses mix classy strings – in legato – with a sweet piano melody, in a way being pretty quiet in comparison with the group’s previous releases.

A dramatic piano – going for those low notes -, muffled guitar riffs and a beat that slowly builds up into the chorus is present in the bridge, adding a nice touch to this track.

This is quite possibly the group’s best upbeat track to date. It is not overwhelming in the instruments it includes and how those are used, and the vocals sound gentle yet filled with hope and power. This is a really enjoyable entry in their repertoire.

2 – Everyday Yeah!

The single wraps up with the sweet, Everyday Yeah!. The song greets the listener with calm acoustic guitars and a warm piano melody, slowly building up to the chorus, along the way picking up new elements that tastefully complement the track. Synths are minimal, mainly used to the buildup as well as to add a dreamy vibe to the track.

Drums are not at center stage but in the bridge – despite their impactful intro -, even in their muffled status, they come to add yet another groovy layer to this track. A nice addition – and a bit unexpected – to this track is the overdriven guitar soloing in the final chorus.

This track flows really well, not only within the release but also by itself. Its sweetness is intoxicating, enveloping the listener in its warmth and, even in its most upbeat moments, it is still a pretty laidback tune.

Final considerations

IDOLiSH7’s DiSCOVER THE FUTURE showcases a matured group, with a more contained and toned-down pop sound yet, still displaying the same excitement as it has been their trademark.

While some of their previous singles might have been a bit too intense or hyped up, putting a massive focus on synths and on having a danceable intensity to it, this single sure goes the opposite way, toning those elements down to deliver a tighter, robust sound and performances, which is good.

That intensity and bright, upbeat vibe has been the group’s greeting card up until recently however, it is nice that fans are actually experiencing a different type of IDOLiSH7, its matured version.

Their sound is warmer and less crowded despite being a little bit more complex – with several layers of instruments on it, diverging from the usual synths + beat base they’ve used multiple times before.

This warmth and complexity suit the group pretty well because they, as well, have improved on the vocal end – with some reservations.

It is clear after listening to this release that Tsubasa Yonaga is struggling big time to sing. This comment, of course, comes out of my concern for Tsubasa Yonaga and his vocals – essential work tool for himself.

As some of you might be aware of, Yonaga has been dealing with Dysphonia, voice disorder / medical condition in which it becomes difficult to speak and the quality of the voice deteriorates with time – sounding breathy, raspy, strained or even changing pitch unwillingly.

The recording sounds rather recent as you can tell – with a proper set of headphones -, how weak and thin his voice is sounding, even with all the post-production on his vocals to make him sound good.

Lantis, knowing that he is trying to recover / improve and that IDOLiSH7 shouldn’t stop because of that, decided instead to reduce his parts – which is welcomed – but in the few he had, you could still tell that something was wrong with him.

Yonaga shouldn’t be singing at all. He should be recovering. I believe that fans wouldn’t mind to wait for him to recover and either have him in the sidelines while recovering or halting the group’s releases until he’s okay. That’s my guess, of course.

IDOLiSH7 sound more than even on the same page and the individual improvements by most of the members have helped enhance their group performances. The only thing lacking is a healthy Yonaga however, I did not take that into account when scoring the vocals quality as it would be unfair of me to rank the songs lower because Lantis insisted he had to sing when he barely can.

All in all, IDOLiSH’s DiSCOVER THE FUTURE is a tasteful entry in their repertoire.

The toning down of their, usually, intense synths-driven instrumentals, came as a surprise but the good type. After listening to this release and going back to their previous singles, it is obvious how much the group has improved and how mature their performances in this single sound.

Top marks and easily the group’s best single release to date.

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Everyday Yeah!
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