[Idol Fantasy] E-lements release debut song snippet


Square Enix released today a snippet of E-lements‘s debut single.

E-lements consist on Taku Yashiro, Yuto Uemura, Yusuke Shirai and Junta Terashima. The group performs Dance-Pop / EDM pop music.

Square Enix released a short music video featuring E-lements‘s debut song “BIG BANG☆BANG☆BANG☆BANG☆“.

The game is slated for release this Summer. However it is unknown when this song is going to be released (digitally or physically). More details on this release will surface in the upcoming months. Be on the look out for more updates from us.

For more details on this project – lineups, concept, songs – please refer to this article.

SOURCE: Idol Fantasy official website