Victor Entertainment unveil cover art and release highlight medley for I★Chu BEST ALBUM Ai side

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Victor Entertainment unveiled cover art and released a highlight video for I★Chu BEST ALBUM Ai side.

アイ★チュウ BEST ALBUM アイ盤  (I★Chu BEST ALBUM Ai side) is scheduled to be released on 20/03/2019, available in two editions: regular and limited.

The cover art is the following for each edition:

ie29885chu best album ai side
ie29885chu best album ai side limited

The Best of counts with two discs (same contents for regular and limited editions). The tracklist is the following:


1 - I am a HERO! / F∞F
2 - 手を伸ばせ! / ArS
3 - 今宵カフェーで逢ひましょう / 天上天下 (First time released on CD)
4 - Joker Dream / POP’N STAR
5 - ちゃちゃ めっちゃ I love you / Twinkle Bell
6 - 深海マーメイド / I♥B
7 - かっこつかないぜ? / Lancelot
8 - Dark Night Cat / RE:BERSERK
9 - 刹那のマシェリ / Grandmaster
10 - 花蝶風月 / 天上天下
11 - 青空エスケープ / POP’N STAR
12 - Viva! Carnival! / F∞F
13 - ちょっとまってよ Give me a break! / ArS
14 - 100万ドルのスリル / Lancelot
15 - Just one kiss / Twinkle Bell
16 - 電脳マトリクス / Alchemist


1- スウィンギング・ハロウィン / RE:BERSERK
2 - ゲイジュツ戦隊アルスレンジャー / ArS
3 - Dear my precious friend / I♥B
4 - 誓いのサンタクロース / Twinkle Bell (First time released on CD)
5 - マサラヤサマラヤ ~あなたの魔法で~ / F∞F
6 - Lady Blood / RE:BERSERK
7 - Oh Please! ~Sand Venus~ / Lancelot (First time released on CD)
8 - SAVIOR / Alchemist
9 - なんてったってNo.1 / ArS (First time released on CD)
10 - 小さな革命 / POP’N STAR
11 - メカニカル☆ラブ / Twinkle Bell
12 - 世直し忍者 / 天上天下
13 - W・O・N・D・E・R・L・A・N・D / TOYBOX
14 - Let’s Go / I♥B
15 - サディスティック ロマンティック / Lancelot
16 - higher,HighER,HIGHER / F∞F (First time released on CD)

A highlight medley is out.

The contents are the following:

  • Regular: CD + in-game item gift code
  • Limited: CD + 36 page photobook + can badge (1 out of 5 types) + in-game item gift code + special sleeve

Here’s the design for the limited edition’s special sleeve:

ie29885chu best album ai side special sleeve
Special sleeve

A note that the I★Chu franchise has 2 Best Ofs planned for release in the next two months. Releases are split into “Ai” and “Chu” sides. For more details please refer to THIS article.

I★Chu BEST ALBUM is available for pre-order at CDJAPAN.

SOURCE: I★Chu official website

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