Hypnosis Mic release preview of Jiro Yamada’s “School of IKB”

A preview of Jiro Yamada’s solo track is out.

Buster Bros!!! Before The 2nd D.R.B is scheduled to be released on 25/12/2019, available in regular edition.

The cover art is the following:

The tentative tracklist is the following:

1. Break the wall (Ichiro Yamada solo)
2. School of IKB(Jiro Yamada solo)
3.「TBD」(Saburo Yamada solo) 
4. Drama Track(TBD)

Previews of Ichiro Yamada’s Break the wall and Jiro Yamada’s School of IKB are out.

More details on this release are going to be unveiled in the upcoming days.

Buster Bros!!! Before The 2nd D.R.B is available for pre-order at CDJAPAN.

SOURCE: Hypnosis mic official twitter account