Hypnosis Mic’s crews to face off in rhyme battle event this summer, Soma Saito absent

Hypnosis Mic announced that their crews are going to face off in a new live event.

Hypnosis Mic announced today that their rap crews are going to hop on stage this summer. “Hypnosis mic- Division Rap Battle – 2nd LIVE @ Shinagawa” is going to be held at Shinagawa Stellar Ball in Tokyo on 26/08/2018. This event is labeled as a “rhyming skill competition“.

This is going to be the second live event for this franchise.

Confirmed to attend this event are:

  • Buster Bros!!! – Subaru Kimura, Haruki Ishiya and Kouhei Amasaki
  • MAD TRIGGER CREW – Shintaro Asanuma, Shinnichiro Kamio and Wataru Komada
  • Matenrou – Sho Hayami, Ryuichi Kijima and Kento Ito
  • Fling Posse – Yusuke Shirai and Yukihiro Nozuyama

Soma Saito (Fling Posse) won’t attend the event due to schedule conflicts.

Fans will get to enter a raffle for tickets for any of the two zones (standing 1st floor or sitting 2nd floor) available at the venue. The form will be included with the first CD of the Battle Season series, kicking off this month.

On another news:

Recently, Division All Stars released a music video. Get a taste of their new song and some of the member’s improved skills on this article.

Buster Bros!!! faces MAD TRIGGER CREW while Matenrou faces Fling Posse in the upcoming Battle Season series. For more details on this series please refer to the THIS article.

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SOURCE: Hypnosis mic official twitter account / Hypnosis Mic official website