Hypnosis Mic –Division Rap Battle- 6th LIVE changes format

Hypnosis Mic 2nd DRB

The format for Hypnosis Mic‘s upcoming Division Rap Battle- 6th LIVE changes in light of state of emergency issued in Tokyo and 2 neighboring prefectures.

Hypnosis mic –Division Rap Battle- 6th LIVE is included in the 2nd Division Rap Battle series and was originally visit 3 locations: Tokyo, Osaka, and Aichi.

Unfortunately, due to the current fast dissemination of Coronavirus in Japan and the recent issue of state of emergency in the Tokyo and 3 neighboring prefectures, events and live shows for the first quarter of 2021 being held in those locations are being cancelled, postponed or changing format.

Hypnosis mic –Division Rap Battle- 6th LIVE will, however, change its format.

Instead of visiting Osaka, Aichi and Tokyo, all 3 scheduled live shows will be held without an audience and livestreamed (most likely – although not confirmed – through their partner channel, AbemaTV).

Live viewing and physical tickets sales were cancelled and those that acquired tickets will be contacted on a later date.

At the moment there are no details on which will be the livestream platform for the 3 rap battles in the Hypnosis mic –Division Rap Battle- 6th LIVE, nor the ticket prices or if it will be available for overseas fans to watch.

More updates on Hypnosis mic –Division Rap Battle- 6th LIVE will be unveiled in the next weeks.

For reference, below is a breakdown of each of the 3 live shows originally planned (locations will change to livestream):


Hypnosis mic –Division Rap Battle- 6th LIVE @ Osaka <<2nd D.R.B> was going to be held on 30/01/2021 and 31/01/2021 at Maruzen Intec Arena Osaka (Osaka Municipal Central Gymnasium).

Facing each other will be:

  • Dotsuitare Hompo – Ryota Iwasaki, Takaya Kuroda, and Kengo Kawanishi
  • Buster Bros!!! – Subaru Kimura, Haruki Ishiya, and Kouhei Amasaki


Hypnosis mic –Division Rap Battle- 6th LIVE @ Aichi <<2nd D.R.B> was going to be held on 13/02/2021 and 14/02/2021 at Aichi Sky Expo Hall A.

Facing each other will be:

  • Bad Ass Temple – Shouta Hayama, Yuki Sakakihara, and Eiji Takeuchi
  • Matenro – Show Hayami, Ryuichi Kijima, and Kento Ito


Hypnosis mic –Division Rap Battle- 6th LIVE @ Tokyo <<2nd D.R.B> was going to be held on 20/02/2021 and 21/02/2021 at Ryogoku Kokugikan.

Facing each other will be:

  • Fling Posse – Yusuke Shirai, Soma Saito, and Yukihiro Nozuyama
  • MAD TRIGGER CREW – Shintaro Asanuma, Shinichiro Kamio, and Wataru Komada

On another note: A “revenge” live to make up for this year’s Hypnosis mic- Division Rap Battle – 5th LIVE is going to be held in August 2021.

Straight Outta Rhyme Anima, CD including the full versions of the insert songs in the anime series Hypnosis Mic: Division Rap Battle – Rhyme Anima hits stores next week.

SOURCE: Hypnosis Mic official website

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