Hypnosis Mic franchise featured on the cover of NYLON guys

Hypnosis Mic

NYLON guys announced the lineup for its upcoming issue. Hypnosis Mic graces the cover.

Hypnosis Mic grace the cover of NYLON guysAugust 2020 issue set to hit stores on 27/06/2020.

The cover is the following:

Hypnosis Mic NYLON Guys Japan

This is going to be an in-depth feature with over 20,000 characters. Buster Bros‘ leader and face of the Hypnosis Mic franchise, Subaru Kimura, was interviewed for this issue.

NYLON guys also feature a guide to the Hypnosis Mic franchise repertoire, with reviews that even “beginners will understand”.

For more details on this issue, please refer to NYLON Japan’s official website (link below).

On another note: Hypnosis mic- Division Rap Battle – 5th LIVE @ Saitama – SIX SHOTS TO THE DOME is going to be released on Blu-ray this summer.

Hypnosis Mic-Division Rap Battle- Rhyme Anima, anime adaptation of the franchise, was postponed to October 2020.

NYLON guysAugust 2020 issue is currently unavailable for pre-order at CDJAPAN.