Hypnosis Mic 5th live SIX SHOTS TO THE DOME cancelled

Bad news for Hypnosis Mic’s fans as the upcoming live is now cancelled.

EVIL LINE RECORDS announced today that Hypnosis mic- Division Rap Battle – 5th LIVE @ Saitama – SIX SHOTS TO THE DOME, event that was going to be held at MetLife Dome in Saitama on 28/03/2020 (Playground) and 29/03/2020 (Battleground), is cancelled due to concerns over Coronavirus.

Refunds will be available for everyone attending this live – live viewing included.

The lineup confirmed for this live was the following:

  • Buster Bros!!! – Subaru Kimura, Haruki Ishiya and Kouhei Amasaki
  • MAD TRIGGER CREW – Shintaro Asanuma, Shinnichiro Kamio and Wataru Komada
  • Matenrou – Sho Hayami, Ryuichi Kijima and Kento Ito
  • Fling Posse – Yusuke Shirai, Soma Saito and Yukihiro Nozuyama
  • Dotsuitare Honpo – Ryota Iwasaki, Takaya Kuroda and Kengo Kawanishi
  • Bad Ass Temple – Shouta Hayama, Yuki Sakakihara and Eiji Takeuchi

Zeebra (Matenro’s The Champion), Creepy Nuts (Dotsuitare Honpo’s Ah, Osaka dreamin’night), and nobodyknows+ (Bad Ass Temple’s Bad Ass Temple Funky Sounds) were the guests for this live.

For more on this cancellation, please refer to the official announcement on Hypnosis Mic’s official website (link below).

On another note: Hypnosis Mic’s 4th live Blu-ray and DVD, Welcome to our Hood hits stores this month.

SOURCE: Hypnosis Mic official website