Homunculus reading play to be broadcasted on TV in July

Homunculus, play that mixed live music, technology and reading in one place to create a 3.5D experience, is going to be broadcasted on TV.

Homunculus 〜ホムンクルス〜,3.5D play that was open for two days only – 09/12/2017 and 10/12/2017 – is going to be broadcasted exclusively on 01/07/2018 on CS Family Gekijo (21:00 to 23:10 JST).

This play counted with a stellar seiyuu cast that included Junichi Suwabe, Yuki Kaji, Tomokazu Seki, Toshiyuki ToyonagaKen IshiguroYuichiro Umehara (making his debut in a reading play) and Yuki Kaida.

Homunculus‘ story is explained through a brief video narrated by Junichi Suwabe.

Last year, a couple of special commentary videos were released featuring Junichi Suwabe, Yuki KajiToshiyuki ToyonagaYuichiro Umehara and Tomokazu Seki.






SOURCE: Reading High official twitter account / CS Family Gekijo