Homunculus release cast comment videos with Yuki Kaji, Junichi Suwabe & Toshiyuki Toyonaga

Homunculus unveiled today cast comment videos of Junichi Suwabe, Yuki Kaji and Toshiyuki Toyonaga.

Homunculus 〜ホムンクルス〜 will open for two days only – 09/12/2017 and 10/12/2017.

The reading play counts with a well rounded cast including Junichi Suwabe, Yuki Kaji, Tomokazu Seki, Toshiyuki ToyonagaKen IshiguroYuichiro Umehara and Yuki Kaida.

According to READING HIGH, this play will mix music, technology and reading, aiming for a 3.5D entertainment experience.

Homunculus‘ story is explained through a brief video narrated by Junichi Suwabe.

The cast comment special videos of Junichi Suwabe, Yuki Kaji and Toshiyuki Toyonaga are here.




Yuichiro Umehara is going to make his debut as a reading play actor.


For more information about this reading play please refer to the official website.

SOURCE: Reading High official website / Homunculus official twitter account