Hiroshi Kamiya “Ism Rhythm” (Review)

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Hiroshi Kamiya surprised everyone with the sudden release of “Ism Rhythm“. What’s even more surprising is the quality of this release, easily surpassing all of last year’s releases.


Title: イズムリズム
Label: Kiramune 
Release date: 15/02/2017 
Genre: J-Pop/Rock


1. イズムリズム

Track analysis:

1. イズムリズム

Kamiya’s special single is out now. “Ism Rhythm” follows the trademark sound that has marked his last few releases. Funky guitar riffs and jazzy bass are the main engine for this release. Brass, synths and mid-tempo bassy drums complete the playful instrumental. This track is hands down better than his last release as a whole. This track is entertaining, rather raw in its jazzy-rock essence still retaining some of Kamiya’s trademarks – the pop choruses that are usually brighter than the rest of the song. The bridge will grab your attention without any intention of letting you go any sooner. To complete our look on this song we need to point out that the guitar work on this song is top notch – starting from the funky guitar riffs in the verses to the excited it brings in the chorus with those loose riffs and then to the solo in the bridge, everything stood out. As far the vocal work goes, he continues to display growth in his singing technique, going a bit higher in some parts of the song – no, there’s no high notes per se – but he’s definitely going on a higher scale in some parts of this song. He’s not one of those singers well versed in belting high notes but he’s slowly shifting and improving his singing technique as a means to give an extra flavor to his songs. On this one he fit well with the jazzy instrumental and displayed a good control over his tone.

Final rating: 5 stars

This single is available exclusively on online platforms such as iTunes, Animelo Mix, mora, etc.


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