PONY CANYON release full music video for Hiro Shimono’s “REAL”

Hiro Shimono REAL

PONY CANYON released the full version of the music video for Hiro Shimono‘s debut single, REAL.

REAL was released in 2016 and marked the start of Hiro Shimono’s career as a solo artist.

This weekend, PONY CANYON released the full music video for REAL on their official YouTube channel, making this the perfect time for you to revisit this edgy music video.

Make sure to check the music video below!

On another note:

Hiro Shimono is going to release his 2nd full-length album, WE GO!! in August.

At the same time it was recently announced by PONY CANYON that Shimono is going to perform live at the label’s first live, P’s Live! -Boys Side-.