GYROAXIA release new snippet of SCATTER


GYROAXIA released a new snippet of their new song, SCATTER.

GYROAXIA consist on Jin Ogasawara (on vocals), Shinichi Hashimoto (guitar), Takumi Mano (guitar), Hiroto Akiya (bass) and Kousuke Miyauchi (drums).

SCATTER is scheduled to be released on 10/06/2020, available in regular and limited editions.

The cover art is the following for each edition:



GYROAXIA perform one of the opening and ending themes for ARGONAVIS from BanG Dream! ANIMATION.

SHiNNOSUKE(ROOKiEZ is PUNK’D/S.T.U.W), UZ(SPYAIR/S.T.U.W) and ASH DA HERO are the artists behind the lyrics, composition and or arrangement of GYROAXIA’s songs.

The complete tracklist is the following:

3 - LIAR
4 - VOICE DRAMA 頂点への選択

A snippet of SCATTER was released in the anime, featuring cool animation to go with.

A different snippet, featuring the opening animation for the anime series is out.

The contents for each edition are the following:

  • Regular: CD only
  • Limited: CD + Blu-ray (SCATTER non-credit ver. + LIAR non-credit ver. +  GYROAXIA’s MANIFESTO and Genjo Destruction LIVE performance video at Argonavis 2nd LIVE)

For a snippet of the bonuses included with this release – per store – please refer to ARGONAVIS’ official website (link below).

A note that recently, GYROAXIA covered The Oral CigarettesKyouran Hey Kids!!. Make sure to check it out!

SCATTER is available for pre-order at CDJAPAN.

Source: ARGONAVIS official twitter account