Bushiroad release digest video of GYROAXIA ONLINE LIVE -IGNITION-


Bushiroad shared a digest video of GYROAXIA‘s live show, GYROAXIA ONLINE LIVE -IGNITION-.

GYROAXIA consist on Jin Ogasawara (on vocals), Shinichi Hashimoto (guitar), Takumi Mano (guitar), Hiroto Akiya (bass) and Kousuke Miyauchi (drums).

GYROAXIA ONLINE LIVE -IGNITION- was livestreamed via Streaming+ on 12/09/2020.

A digest video of the live is available on Bushiroad’s official YouTube channel.

Check it out below.

At the same time, and from the same live show, on Argonavis’ official YouTube channel, a live performance of 曇天 (Donten) is out.

Source: ARGONAVIS official twitter account