Growth “Apostasy” (Review)

Growth didn’t shy away from impressing with their newest entry in the RE:START series. Apostasy brings back epic instrumentalization and haunting vocal performances that make this entry stand out even within the group’s repertoire.

Title: ALIVE RE:START series vol.4 Kouki&Ryota
Label: Tsukipro/Movic
Release date: 21/12/2018
Genre: Orchestral


1 - Apostasy
2 - Apostasy -off vocal-

Track analysis:

1 – Apostasy

Growth continue to impress everyone with their entries in the RE:START series.

It has been a while since the group has embraced an epic sound. However, Apostasy is nothing alike what the group has released so far. It is grandiose in scale and has an epic sound but nothing in their repertoire is of this scale and quality. The instrumental relies heavily in its orchestral sound, bringing to the table urgent strings, dramatic piano melodies, epic brass melodies – with tubas standing out in the middle of this instrumental. First and second verses are quite different, especially with the addition of a unique transition between the first chorus and second verse. This short intermission helps set the tone or rather, introduces a second act in this song. The bridge introduces delicate harp melodies and brighter, hopeful melodies that once again make it sound like we’re experiencing yet another act in a play, leading to a grand finale. An organ then adds fancy touches to this epic piece, leading to a overwhelming chorus filled of drama.

When listening to Apostasy it’s impossible to shake off the idea that we were taken to a fantastic, medieval world. It’s as if we’re experiencing a battle unfolding within the song’s 6 minutes and each part (verse, chorus, bridge, etc) is a different act. And that’s why the “time” theme is explored once again in a crafty way. Urgency and drama reign in this song. That urgency found in the dramatic piano melody is one out of the three ways in which the theme was explored in this song. Then it’s the soundscape created by this instrumental. The listener is taken to medieval times with the epic instrumental and haunting choir. To wrap up, it’s the fact the song seems to be split into “acts” like a play.

Kouki (Shunichi Toki) and Ryota (Daiki Yamashita) are teamed up for this release. Undoubtedly the best singers within Growth, it was more than expected that this performance would be something impressive, however we weren’t expecting what they managed to deliver. Perfect harmonizations, Toki‘s dramatic low notes, Yamashita‘s pleading high notes and the emotion brought by both to this song, made Apostasy rise to Growth‘s top best songs. The instrumental is epic by itself, but it is their vocal performances that make this song give you goosebumps. One of their best performances and yet another perfect entry in the RE:START series.

Final rating:

ALIVE Growth 「RE:START」 Series 4 is available for purchase at CDJAPAN.

ALIVE Growth "RE:START" Series / Koki Eto (Shunichi Toki), Ryota Sakuraba (Daiki Yamashita)
Koki Eto (Shunichi Toki), Ryota Sakuraba (Daiki Yamashita)

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