GRANRODEO’s annual “ROCK☆SHOW” to be held in Osaka

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GRANRODEO change locations for this year’s “ROCK☆SHOW” one-man show.

G13 ROCK☆SHOW” is going to be held in Osaka at Osaka-jo Hall on 08/12/2018 and 09/12/2018. The last time the band held a “ROCK ☆ SHOW” in Osaka (at this same venue) was 4 years ago back on”G9 ROCK ☆ SHOW”.

This is also the first time a “ROCK ☆ SHOW” is going to be held for two consecutive days at Osaka-jo Hall.

So far these are the only details on this show. More information – such as ticketing – will be unveiled at a later date.

Recently, the band released their single “Deadly Drive“. You can find our review HERE.


Vanessa Silva
Vanessa Silva
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  1. “This is also the first time a “ROCK ☆ SHOW” is going to be held for two consecutive days.” –> Actually it’s been held on two consecutive days before (G8, G10, G12). But it is the first time for both days to be held in Osaka-jo Hall, consecutive or otherwise. ^_^ (The second G9 was in Osaka-jo, but a month after the first show in Saitama Super Arena)

    • It’s interesting that, the website that we sourced for this article actually mentions that it’s the first time a “2DAYS event” takes place. But I’ll take the word of any Rodeogirl or Rodeoboy over a news outlet that might (and it seems so) have their facts wrong (even if it’s extremely rare for that to happen). Thanks for pointing that out and we’ll correct that info immediately.

      • Hi! Looking at what they wrote, I think they mean the same thing I said — 1st time for Rock Show in Osaka-jo was 4 years ago and this is the 1st time both days will be there. All good! ^_^ (Should be great shows!)


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