TRASH CANDY marks GRANRODEO‘s comeback. Their 24th single brings us back many of their unique points back.

Label: Lantis
Release date: 13/04/16 
Genre: J-Rock


2.Lovers High
5.Lovers High (OFF VOCAL)
6.帰結する共犯者 (OFF VOCAL)

Track by track analysis:


Dirty synths and heavy guitar riffs lead the way in TRASH CANDY, a track that brings back the excitement and dynamic that GRANRODEO had toned down in the previous releases. This track borrows a bit from DARK SHAME – especially the synths, although not that prominent are a major part of the chorus, adding extra spice to an already powerful chorus.

Also some of the parts in this track share some similarities with previous tracks in a kind of awesome way, it seems like GRANRODEO pick all their good points and pieced them together for this track.

Hyped up guitar riffs with a thunderous guitar riff in the bridge, the trademark reverberating, picked bass and the powerful drums giving this song a classic touch with its transitions and variety. KISHOW‘s voice is something that we believe most fans were missing a lot.

He’s back with his vocals on point, TRASH CANDY is the engaging and entertaining song mainly because of his performance. The power and precision delivering the lyrics, the hook in the chorus, everything is of top quality. 5/5

2.Lovers High

An unusual track in GRANRODEO‘s repertoire, “Lovers High” is a track with a bit of summer feel. If you’re waiting to listen to heavy guitar riffs and powerful drums you won’t find them here. Ska and electronica elements mix with the group’s hardrock sound, turning this track into an alternative bundle of fun.

The song has all those hardrock elements toned down in order to give the spotlight to their funky sound and KISHOW‘s on point unique vocals. Truth be told, the track lacks a little bit of energy in comparison with the band’s trademark sound but that doesn’t take the merit away from being an entertaining track.

Synths, funky bass, melodic guitar riffs and solo are just some of the elements that this track encompasses. The result is a unique track on their repertoire.

3.Kiketsu suru Kyohansha

Heavy riffs inspired by Angus Young (AC/DC) are the core to this track that brings back the taste of good old rock music. e-Zuka‘s crunchy guitar riffs and impressive solo in the bridge give life to this track like no one else could do. With an instrumental harmonically-rich, Kiketsu suru kyohansha (帰結する共犯者) feels just like the right song to complete this single.

The drums are clear and full, with tight hi-hats and cymbals, the bass is relentless, blending well with the background heavy riffs, in the end contributing to a rich sound.

Vocally, KISHOW is enjoying himself to the fullest, that can be felt just by the way he’s singing this track. Power vocals and strong instrumental in one hell of a fabulous track.

Final considerations

It’s been a while since we’ve last listened to GRANRODEO but we’re glad that not much changed about them. Just when we thought that GRANRODEO were struggling to come up with solid, engaging songs, they surprised us with TRASH CANDY.

This is clearly of a higher level than last year’s releases PUNKY FUNKY LOVE and Memories.

Although those singles had their respective highight tracks, they missed the excitement and consistency that GRANRODEO made us so used to. “TRASH CANDY” brings back those elements.

Some of them are directly inspired by their previous songs – the synths and song arrangement for the title track share an uncanny resemblance with DARK SHAME and Kiketsu suru kyohansha brings back the band’s original hardrock sound to the table and Lovers High is a nice experiment.

All in all, this single is consistent, ambitious and dynamic, its instrumentals will grab your attention (e-Zuka goes the extra mile, providing the listener with new elements and soundscapes to enjoy, the power and technique just some of the appetizers for this single) and KISHOW‘s skillful vocals will blow your mind.

Not perfect but certainly an improvement.

TRASH CANDY is available for purchase at CDJAPAN.


TRASH CANDY is consistent, ambitious and dynamic, its instrumentals will grab your attention (e-Zuka goes the extra mile, providing the listener with new elements and soundscapes to enjoy, the power and technique just some of the appetizers for this single) and KISHOW's skillful vocals will blow your mind.


Lovers High
Kiketsu suru Kyohansha
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