GRANRODEO to guest perform at MUCC’s 20th anniversary concert

It was announced earlier this month that GRANRODEO were going to be part of MUCC‘s tribute album. Today Lantis announced that the hardrockers are going to guest perform at MUCC‘s 20th anniversary concert.

The concert is going to be held at Nippon Budokan on 27/12/2017. Joining GRANRODEO are some of the names also featured in the special tribute album: SID, FLOW, THE BACK HORN, DEZERT, sukekiyo, lynch and more.

Information about ticket purchase and prices can be found HERE.

Two notes:

The special album “Tribute Of MUCC” is going to be released on 22/11/2017. GRANRODEO perform ニルヴァーナ. More details can be found HERE.

GRANRODEO are back in the studio working on a new release. More information HERE.

SOURCE: Lantis