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the other self

Japan’s finest GRANRODEO are back with their 20th single. The Japanese hardrockers fronted by seiyuu Kishow Taniyama come back with another electric and impressive new single.

“The Other self” is available in three editions: Limited, Limited Anime edition and regular. The thing that differentiates all those editions without counting with the covers is that the limited anime edition doesn’t come with the rocking anthem “baby bad boy”, song that is featured as the opening theme for mecha game “スーパーロボット大戦OG INFINITE BATTLE”.

Info regarding the single:

Single: "The other self"
Label: Lantis
Genre: J-rock/Hardrock
Release date: 16/10/13

Tracklist (for limited and regular editions)

01. The Other self
02. baby bad boy
(PS3®用ゲームソフト『スーパーロボット大戦OG INFINITE BATTLE』OP主題歌) - not available on the limited anime edition
03. DAWN GATE "Unfinished"
04. The Other self (OFF VOCAL)
05. baby bad boy (OFF VOCAL)
- not available on the limited anime edition
06. DAWN GATE "Unfinished" (OFF VOCAL)
Track by track analysis:
1 – The Other Self
The long awaited opening theme for basketball-themed anime “Kuroko’s basket”. “The Other Self” is an ingenious song, fast paced with an amphed chorus just like GRANRODEO has showed us time after time and it never gets old. KISHOW’s vocals are as flawless as ever, when he hits those high notes is pure goosebumps right there. Addictive song with powerful chorus and the outro as perfect as you could get, e-Zuka’s mastery with the guitar is beyond anything I’ve seen and his performance overall on the song is pretty much amazing and I’m not even referring his solo (that simply takes the song to another level). An encouraging song lyrics-wise showing KISHOW’s skills writing-wise. 5/5
2 – baby bad boy 
This is a rock anthem right here. Top notch guitar work as expected by e-Zuka and the instrumental piece in its whole is amazing. Double-bass drums, the bassline and the fast pace of the song along with the usual perfect vocal work by KISHOW make this song easily one of the best on the band’s repertoire. The arrangement is beyond words. I could go on and on about this song because this one is the best hardrock songs I’ve heard so far this year. 5/5
3 – DAWN GATE “Unfinished” 
BASSLINE! That bassline throughout the song has the finest “slap bass” playing I’ve heard in a long time. A typical 80’s rock on this one. The synth pads throughout the verses leading to the chorus are incredibly soothing but as soon as we get closer to the chorus the song grows in quality and turns out to be a great rock tune. I’ve been very fond of this bands’ choruses, this is one of those bands that excel into making great choruses and this one is no exception. Incredibly catchy and impressive with KISHOW hitting those high notes like it’s no problem at all. 5/5

Final rating: 5/5

It’s GRANRODEO we’re talking about in here! This band just excels in everything I love about a rock band and stay true to their genre always delivering us the best songs. Amphed choruses, amazing solos, perfect vocal work and mesmerizing instrumental pieces along with meaningful lyrics: these right here are some of the elements most bands are missing, this passion that only this band has for making music and that is what makes them, along with their never ending talent, one of Japan’s finest rock bands.
Without a doubt this 20th single shows that the band keeps improving while staying true to their roots. The influences from the 80’s and 90’s rock bands keep showing on their singles which is something to thank them for. A flawless hardrock band led by the most improbable of people (some might say): a seiyuu. A band that deserves all the success and more. Would love to see this band adventuring overseas and showing that Asia is not only about K-Pop or Visual-kei.
Their single is available on CDJAPAN for purchase for all overseas fans. If you’re thinking of acquiring the single remember that “Limited anime” edition doesn’t come with the song “baby bad boy”.
"Kuroko's Basketball (Anime)" Second Season Intro Theme Song: The Other self / GRANRODEO
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