GRANRODEO release batch of music videos on their YouTube channel


If you’ve been meaning to revisit GRANRODEO‘s iconic music videos from early on in their career, you can now do so.

A batch of music videos, dating back to the band’s debut days but also with some of their hit tracks in the mid 10s, was released on GRANRODEO‘s official YouTube channel.

The songs are the following:

  • Beautiful World (from the band’s 2nd album, Instinct, released in 2008)
  • DARK SHAME (GRANRODEO’s 18th Single of the same name released in 2012)
  • Phantasmagoric Magical Star (GRANRODEO’s 21st Single of the same name released in 2014)

Relieve those awesome music videos and songs in the videos below.

GRANRODEO recently released their new single, Jonetsu wa Oboeteiru, digitally. The physical release is set to hit stores in September 2020.

SOURCE: GRANRODEO official YouTube channel