GRANRODEO LIVE 2017 G7 ROCK☆SHOW to be held next month in Okinawa

GRANRODEO announced last week this year’s GRANRODEO LIVE 2017 G7 ROCK☆SHOW is going to be held in November and live screened in 24 cities, including Seoul, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

The concert is going to be held in Okinawa at Music Town Oto-ichiba. 21 cities in Japan will have access to the live viewing screenings as well as 3 cities in Asia:

  • Hong Kong – Festival Grand Cinema and CH Citywalk
  • South Korea – Megabox Dongdaemun
  • Taiwan – Vie Show Cinemas Taipei Hsin Yi

Information about ticket purchases and prices can be found HERE (in Japanese) and HERE (in English).

A teaser video was released to promote the show. It is also explained why this G ROCK☆SHOW is titled “G7” when last year’s event was the “G11”.

For those attending the show, information about the goods can be found here.

Two notes:

GRANRODEO performs ニルヴァーナ for MUCC’s tribute album. More details can be found HERE. The band will also be featured in a special compilation album for the Kuroko no Basket‘s franchise. GRANRODEO will kick off a joint tour with Flow in 2018.

GRANRODEO are back in the studio working on a new release. More information HERE.

SOURCE: Lantis