GRANRODEO limited SHOW 2021: digest video released


If you missed “GRANRODEO limited SHOW 2021”, GRANRODEO released today a digest video covering some of the best moments of the live show.

A digest video, including footage from the Tokyo stop (14/03/2021) in GRANRODEO limited SHOW 2021 is out.

The following songs can be found in the digest video below:

1 - 未来線を上って (Miraisen o Nobotte)
2 - 妄想GRAVE (Moso GRAVE)
3 - オレンジピール (Orange Peel)
4 - その愛と死を (Sono Ai to Shi o)
5 - 18SDGs (Instrumental)
6 - welcome to THE WORLD

Check those out in the video below!

SOURCE: GRANRODEO official YouTube channel