GRANRODEO “Glorious Days” (Review)

GRANRODEO bet it all in Glorious Days, delivering an outstanding and eclectic release that stands out in their repertoire.

GRANRODEO Glorious Days

Title: Glorious Days
Release date: 22/03/2017 
Label: Lantis 
Genre: Hardrock/Blues


1.Glorious days
4.Glorious days (OFF VOCAL)
6.月に抱かれて眠りたい (OFF VOCAL)

Track by track analysis:

1 – Glorious Days

Glorious Days is one of GRANRODEO‘s best mid-tempo anthems. We’re used to full throttle bangers from the band or even those odd balls in which the synths rule almost everything. This time around this song was so clean but at the same time so raw that we couldn’t help but to be entranced.

The synths and high pitched guitar riffs give the song a dark aura whereas the drums and bass fill in the void for heavy instrumentalization.

e-Zuka‘s stunning guitar work is the catalyst for what is a fantastic chorus and a flawless guitar solo/bridge. The chorus. This chorus. Is everything. KISHOW‘s high notes enrich it and take a song that was already high on our ranking to greater heights. And that bridge.

This song has the perfect balance between GRANRODEO‘s trademark heavier sound and a more paced, raw one that the band has been experimenting in the past few releases.


Miss the 90s? BIG SUN is a complete opposite to the previous track. It’s seems like we’ve travelled through time to get this surf rock tune. This rather simple instrumental lends help from a rhodes piano, joining the playful melody created by the guitar riffs, funky bass playing and entertaining beat. Expect synthetic drums to join in as help for some extra bits in the instrumental.

The vocal performance is, once again, spotless. KISHOW managed to portray well the feelings of the song in a mix of laidback emotional performance.

This song might not be what you’re used to, but it sounds so great when performed by such a talented group of individuals such as GRANRODEO. Fun and entertaining.

3 – 月に抱かれて眠りたい

If you ever wanted to hear KISHOW singing blues this is it. GRANRODEO morph from a hardrock band to a perfect blues quartet in the blink of an eye with Tsuki ni dakarete Nemuritai.

What was once heavy instrumentalization is now replaced by strings, contrabass, a seductive saxophone melody, technical, melodic guitar riffs that enrich this song with some minimal drums bits. This 360 was only possible because of this band’s talent and versatility. Not many people know how to play blues – well – it’s a really emotional genre that derives from rock.

Everything is performed with attention to the detail, that extra edge that can draw the listeners in. e-Zuka is known for his blues roots. Some of the guitarists he takes inspiration from are known for that.

This was the time to put them to insanely good use. And KISHOW. Is there any music genre he doesn’t fit in? He performed this song like we weren’t expecting at all and it was…. sexy.

His vocal prowess and emotional take on each of his performances was key to make this whole song standout after a perfect title track.

Final considerations

GRANRODEO are better than ever. And we’re not saying this because we’re big fans of the band.

Glorious Days marks the band’s 4th release in a row that is flawless or pretty close to it.

The band seems to be on a roll since last year, releasing high quality songs and showcasing all of their talents across the most varied music genres. We’re heard before the band’s take on Jazz. It was beyond impressive. Now we got a good glimpse of how much talent they have – if anyone still had doubts – with their take on blues.

Blues and GRANRODEO are a great mix, a mix that you wouldn’t be expecting given previous releases.

Of course the band has a lot of influences in their music and blues is certainly one of them, but this was the first time that we heard a blues song from them. And what we got was this pearl in GRANRODEO‘s repertoire.

On another note: the title track surpassed our expectations. Yes, we were expecting something exciting like some of their previous Kuroko no Basuke songs. But we weren’t expecting a song so different from that sound. It packs a punch without being straight-up heavy just for the sake of it.

An interesting fact: pay closely attention to the music video and to the lyrics. Extra points for those that understood the references in both.

BIG SUN was a great song, a major throwback to the 90’s – for those who were early 90’s kids like me this will spark something in you.

As a whole, Glorious Days is yet another perfect release from GRANRODEO, a step that hints at something amazing to come.

Glorious Days is available for purchase at CDJAPAN.

Vanessa Silva
Vanessa Silva
The Hand That Feeds HQ founder, content creator, and music reviewer. Basically, the only person managing everything at The Hand That Feeds HQ. Stumbling upon Mamoru Miyano's "Orpheus" in 2011 was the start of this journey. If music is thought-provoking or deep, you may find her writing almost essays (not limited to, but it happens a lot with Soma Saito's music). She's the producer and host of the male seiyuu-centric podcast, SEIYUU LOUNGE (see Spotify link in this profile).
  1. Hajimemashite. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu. I have come to this site before-once to find out more about SolidS and another time to read an article on Daisuke Ono-san’s musical career. I cannot tell you how grateful I am that someone talked about “Glorious Days” from the English-speaking community. I am sure Japanese fans are raving about it, but it is impossible for me to keep up with them. I wanted to ask for your help about a few things concerning this song. First of all, I completely agree with everything you have written. I read on YouTube someone calling this song “epic.” It reflects my sentiments exactly. Also my youngest sister also said that this song was like the culmination of all the songs that Granrodeo had sung for KnB-kind of like a “lifetime achievement award.”

    Next, I also noticed something about the video, but I have no idea what it is. What I mean is, is it possible that the guitar solo right before the coda is based on an American rock group? I don’t have any knowledge about such music; if you do, could you please let me know? Any information would be extremely appreciated.

    Finally, it has been a while since the song released, but I have been unable to find any English translation. Therefore, I translated some of the song myself and filled in the rest with a Google translation. If you have the time, could you take a look at it? Even if you don’t correct it, please let me in on the secrets in the lyrics!

    Romaji with my translation attempt:
    Kore de saigo katte kiite mita-Today it looks like the final victory/I asked if it was the last time.
    Fuan sou ni shite miteru mou hitori-I asked anxiously, watching no other person/Another person watching with anxiety
    Iya kore ga hajimari sa-No—right now is just the start/No, this is the beginning
    MAJIKARU na manneri na no sa-In a magical manner/It’s a magical mannerism

    Aikawarazu aki mo sezu ni-Do not get bored as ever/Continues to be the same
    Mawari no hitotachi wa warau yo- The surrounding people laugh at us
    Kimochi wa wakaranaku wanai- They cannot understand our feelings/I do not understand your feelings
    Nante iu/yuu to demo omottakai- What do you think you want to say?/Did you even say that?

    Wakatte n daro? Do you understand?/ You know what?
    Deki n daro? Can you do it?/ You can do it?
    Shicchatte n daro? You know it?
    Ore wa zettai iwanai ze-I would never say that./I would definitely not say that.

    Kanousei tte nan nan da fukanou tte nan nan da-What is possibility? What is impossible?
    Sonna no wa oshitsukerareta kanousei-Such a possibility could be pressed.
    I can do it nan datte
    Ore no banna n datte –I shout out that “It’s my turn!”
    Sakebu mada omoide ni wa sasenai-I will not let you remember yet.

    Sonjo sokora no ouenka-Sonjapoda’s cheering song
    Koerareru tame no boureida-It’s a ghost to be crossed over
    Donna ni hataki nomesarete mo-No matter how hammered I am
    Guu no oto wa dashitsuzukeruze-I will continue to emit sounds

    Ima sara yaruki suicchi no-I’m doing a motivated switch now
    Arika wo sagasu tsumori kai-Do you intend to find a place to go?

    Dare ga nani wo kimi ni nani wo itta tte iu no kai-Who said what to you?
    Soredemo sukoshi demo kawatta no kai-Even so, just a little bit, can you change a little bit?
    Itsu demo kimeru no wa jibun datta hazu sa-It’s always your decision./ I should have decided anytime
    Shinu made ikiru ze-Live until you die/I will live until I die

    Jibun wo koeteike daitan ni koeteike-Go beyond yourself, beyond boldness
    Tsuide ni me no mae no aite mo koeteike-Also beyond the opponent in front of you/I go beyond others in front of me
    You can do it nan date-You can do it
    Kimi no ban nan date-It’s your turn
    Sakebe mirai no yoshi ashi wo kimero-Shout out that it’s your turn

    Kanousei tte na nna nda fukanou tte nanna nda-What is possibility? What is impossible?/I do not have the possibility of doing impossible
    Sonna no wa oshitsukerareta kanousei-Such a possibility could be pressed/That’s not likely pressed
    I can do it nan datte-I can do it.
    Ore no ban nan datte-It’s my turn.
    misete okure yo motto-Show me even more/Show me that it’s my turn more

    Jibun wo koeteike daitan ni koeteike-Boldly go beyond
    Tsuide ni me no mae no aite mo koeteike-Also beyond the opponent in front of you
    You can do it nan date-You can do it.
    Kimi no banna n datte-It’s your turn.
    Sakebe Mirai no yoshi warushi wo kimero yo-Shout out that it’s your turn + Decide the future good or bad
    Mada omoide ni nanka sasenai-I will not let it become a memory/I will not let you recall

    Thank you for your time and take care.


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Glorious Days
Tsuki ni dakarete Nemuritai


GRANRODEO bet it all in Glorious Days, delivering an outstanding and eclectic release that stands out in their repertoire.

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GRANRODEO bet it all in Glorious Days, delivering an outstanding and eclectic release that stands out in their repertoire.GRANRODEO "Glorious Days" (Review)