A DECADE OF GR celebrates GRANRODEO‘s 10th anniversary. This is a neat release filled with hits and 2 cool additions.

Single: Decade of GR
Label: Lantis
Release date: 30/09/15
Genre: J-Rock
01. バラライ
02. Go For It! "style EDGE”
03. Infinite Love
04. 慟哭ノ雨
05. Once & Forever
06. delight song
07. Snow Pallet
08. Darlin'
09. アウトサイダー
10. tRANCE
11. modern strange cowboy
12. サマーGT09
13. カナリヤ
15. シャニムニ
04. 愛のWarrior
05. Can Do
06. メズマライズ
09. 偏愛の輪舞曲
10. Y・W・F
11. The Other self
12. 変幻自在のマジカルスター
13. Punky Funky Love
14. メモリーズ
15. 今より先を

Track by track analysis (only of the new tracks):

Disc 1
01. バラライ

With a more laidback approach to the band’s trademark hardrock sound we’re presented with “Bararai“, a playful rock track that puts the heavy guitar riffs aside and brings in the melodic, bluesy guitar riffs, trumpets and funky bass to the mix.

A fun track that brings out a different side to what we’re used to coming from GRANRODEO.

The vocal performance is less demanding than in most GR songs but is still addictive and “ear-catching”. A perfect mix between a slightly more alternative rock sound and a relaxed vocal performance. 4.5/5

Disc 2

15. 今より先を

This emotional power ballad closes off this Best of in the best way. e-ZUKA‘s melodic guitar leads the way – both with his riffs or solos just like how a power ballad should be – but let’s not give all the protagonism to the guitar because both the piano and the strings added the final, important touches to this track.

今より先を is a track that is so fit for KISHOW‘s vocal prowess – only he can convey the right amount of emotion to these lyrics (penned by himself) and deliver them in a way that will shatter the listeners’ hearts. The vocal performance is stellar adding up to the fantastic instrumental – massive props to e-ZUKA because his guitar was the core of the track. 5/5

Final considerations

Looking at the complete Best Of we need to point out that GRANRODEO barely added anything new compared to the previous Best OfGRANRODEO GREATEST HITS~GIFT REGISTRY~“. The singles from 2013 onwards are featured in this release as well as some already well know tracks released way before 2013.

Regarding the new tracks we need to point out 今より先を, the passionate power ballad that mesmerized us. KISHOW‘s vocal deliverance and the emotions conveyed in this track were alone, enough to impress us. But like everything with GRANRODEO, it wasn’t KISHOW alone impressing us, it was also e-ZUKA‘s powerful, touching and highly technical guitar playing that also left an impression.

Talking about the whole Best of – that we didn’t review in its integrally, because the wide majority of tracks are either relics in the bands’ repertoire or were recently reviewed by us – we know that this is a release that won’t disappoint anyone. It has the right amount of major hits, sadly some of the most beautiful powerful ballads in GRANRODEO‘s repertoire made the cut in this release (but are featured in their first Best of).

If you’re looking for GR‘s major hits this is the place to start off.

If you’re only now getting to know the band this is a good place to start – especially if some anime brought you to look for GRANRODEO.

If you’re a veteran GRANRODEO fan that appreciates both the full throttle rock songs but also the emotional ballads – all in the right amounts – then this release lacks a bit in the power ballad department and might be a bit of a turn off.

Either way, this DECADE OF GR is a solid Best Of, a compilation that makes us beg for more music from this amazing rock band. Here’s to another 10 years!

DECADE OF GR is available for purchase on CDJAPAN for all overseas fans.

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