GRANRODEO to hold anniversary livestream this month


GRANRODEO are going to hold a special livestream to celebrate their 15th anniversary.

GRANRODEO, one of the most iconic outfits in the male seiyuu universe and a one of the most prominent artists in the anisong industry, celebrate their 15th birthday this year.

After having their highly anticipated 15th anniversary and e-ZUKA’s 30th anniversary live shows due to concerns over Coronavirus, the band has decided to open their own youtube channel and streamed 2 of the best and most recent live tours G12 and G13.

Now, the band announced that they are going to hold a special stream, GRANRODEO 15th ANNIVERSARY Startup Live 〜Takaga 15 nen〜, on 31/07/2020 at 19h30 JST.

Make sure to click on the video below so that you hit the notifications button (and thus, not missing the livestream) as well as the time at which the livestream will kick off in your timezone.

A note that GRANRODEO‘s newest single, Jonetsu wa Oboete iru is going to be released this week digitally (title track only) with the physical release being set for this September.

SOURCE: Lantis