GHOST CONCERT release recording video of Leonardo Da Vinci’s “Zetcho ★ Raison d’être”

GHOST CONCERT go behind the scenes for Leonardo Da Vinci’s Zetcho ★ Raison d’être.

GHOST CONCERT is a music project created by Elements Garden’s Noriyasu Agematsu (worked closely with the Utapri franchise and Mamoru Miyano) that pities ghosts of historical or fictional characters against each other in a singing battle.

The project counts with a mixed cast. Male and female seiyuu are part of it. The cast currently includes Shouta Aoi, Yoshiki Nakajima, Kouhei Amasaki, Megu Sakuragawa, Azusa Tadokoro and Yuiko Tatsumi. The newest additions to the lineup are Sherlock Holmes (CV: Yoshihiko Aramaki), Leonardo Da Vinci (CV: Yusuke Shirai) and Queen of Hearts (CV: Faylan).

GHOST SONG 11. is scheduled to be released on 15/01/2020. Leonardo Da Vinci (CV: Yusuke Shirai) is in charge of performing in this single.

The cover art is the following:

The tracklist is the following:

1 - 絶頂★レゾンデートル

Previews of 絶頂★レゾンデートル (Zetcho ★ Raison d’être) and DA DA DA DA DANCE are out.

A short video from the recording of Zetcho ★ Raison d’être is out.

SOURCE: GHOST CONCERT official website