Tsubasa Sasa and Mizuki Chiba open official Youtube channel

Tsubasa Sasa and Mizuki Chiba

Tsubasa Sasa and Mizuki Chiba launched a joint Youtube channel!

Rookie male seiyuu Tsubasa Sasa and Mizuki Chiba teamed up to create their official youtube channel.

The two seiyuu, known for their work in the TSUKIPRO franchise – Sasa is part of Vazzy whereas Chiba is part of Infinit0 – released an introductory video on their official channel, Genkai Otaku STUDIO.

The first episode is already up on their channel. Make sure to check it out!

A note: Recently, Kaito Ishikawa, Kazuhiko Inoue, Yuki Kaji, Tomokazu Seki, Toriumi Kousuke, Ryohei Kimura and Yusuke Shirai launched their own youtube channels.

This is starting to be a trend more than ever, much due to the fact that seiyuu aren’t able to meet their fans due to Coronavirus concerns.

SOURCE: Genkai otaku STUDIO official youtube channel / Tsubasa Sasa official twitter account