Gekidan Altair unveil cover art for “-a galaxy of new stars-“

Gekidan Altair released the cover art for “a galaxy of new stars“, album released today.

Gekidan Altair‘s first full length album, “劇団アルタイル ソロシリーズコレクションアルバム -a galaxy of new stars-” (Gekidan Altair Solo series collection album -a galaxy of new stars-), was released today – 14/03/2018.

The cover art was unveiled only today. It is the following:

The album is available in a special 2 CD edition.

The tracklist is the following for each CD:

CD 1

1. Love★Dangerous by Nobuaki Azabu (Nobuaki Oka) 
2. 紙飛行機 by Rintaro Ichigaya (Yuki Inoue)
3. ガラスの花 by Izumo Osaki (Keisuke Furuhata)
4. GUILTY by Kasumi Sakuya (Kazuharu Ara)
5. 運命のScramble by Tatsuhiko Kaname (Shoichiro Oomi)
6. くれないの想い by Toma Kamiya (Yojiro Itokawa)
7. Carry On by Kazuki Kuramae (Kazuki Terashita)
8. あの日の僕らへ by Gokokuji Mikado (Taisei Nishino)
9. CHILD DAYS by Taiki Komagome (Daiki Kumagai)
10. It's my life by Yuri Shinonome (Taichi Ichikawa)
11. Ride on by Yosuke Shibuya (Junya Komatsu)
12. はじまりのうた by Ritsu Senkawa (Eijin Fudemura) 
13. Shiny Stars by Tatsumi Maki (Tatsuya Tokutake)
14. Wonderful Stage by Hijiri Tsukishima (Ryou Kikuchi) 
15. Move On Easy by Daisuke Toyosu (Daisuke Nakajima)
16. Going!! by Itsuki Nagata (Ippei Matsuoka)
17. Be with you by Tatsuya Nakano (Tatsuya Iizuka) 
18. Beginning by Shozo Morishita (Shozo Tamura) 
19. 最終電車 by Junpei Ryogoku (Junpei Baba)
20. 集合写真 by Gekidan Altair


1.麻布ノブアキ Comment (Nobuaki Oka)
2.市ヶ谷リンタロウComment (Yuki Inoue)
3.大崎イズモComment (Keisuke Furuhata)
4.霞サクヤComment (Kazuharu Ara)
5.要タツヒコComment (Shoichiro Oomi)
6.神谷トウマComment (Yojiro Itokawa)
7.蔵前カズキComment (Kazuki Terashita)
8.護国寺ミカドComment (Taisei Nishino)
9.駒込タイキComment (Daiki Kumagai)
10.東雲ユウリComment (Taichi Ichikawa)
11.渋谷ヨウスケComment (Junya Komatsu)
12.千川リツComment (Eijin Fudemura) 
13.辰巳マキComment (Tatsuya Tokutake)
14.月島ヒジリComment (Ryou Kikuchi) 
15.豊洲ダイスケComment (Daisuke Nakajima)
16.永田イツキComment (Ippei Matsuoka)
17.中野タツヤComment (Tatsuya Iizuka) 
18.森下ショウゾウComment (Shozo Tamura) 
19.両国ジュンペイComment (Junpei Baba)

Gekidan Altair Solo series collection album -a galaxy of new stars-” is available for purchase on CDJAPAN.

SOURCE: Gekidan Altair official twitter account

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