Gekidan Altair release previews to solo tracks to be included in the upcoming album

Gekidan Altairs units (Rigel, Regulus and Sargas) return in 2018 with a new album, Tsukipro has already several snippets to the solo tracks that are part of their short stories collaboration with Animate Times.

Over the past month, Tsukipro has been releasing snippets of the solo tracks included in the special short stories that have been published during this past year on Animate Times‘ website. Those tracks are going to be included on Gekidan Altair‘s first full length album, to be released in 2018.

The preview videos include:

  • Regulus‘ Itsuki Nagata (Ippei Matsuoka) – “Going!!

  • Regulus‘ Toma Kamiya (Yojiro Itokawa) – “くれないの想い

  • Sargas‘ Yuri Shinonome (Taichi Ichikawa) – “It’s my life

  • Sargas‘ Ritsu Senkawa (Eijin Fudemura) – “はじまりのうた

  • Rigel‘s Rintaro Ichigaya (Yuki Inoue) – “紙飛行機

  • Rigel‘s Izumo Osaki (Keisuke Furuhata) – “ガラスの花

Previews are released on a weekly basis. All characters from Gekidan Altair have solo tracks.

At the moment there is no information regarding Gekidan Altair‘s first album.

SOURCE: Tsukipro official youtube channel