Gekidan Altair release additional solo song previews

Gekidan Altairs units, Rigel, RegulusSargas and Altair‘s second graders have new song previews out.

Tsukipro has been releasing snippets of the solo tracks included in the special short stories that have been published during this past year on Animate Times‘ website. Those tracks are going to be included on Gekidan Altair‘s first full length album, to be released in 2018.

The new previews include:

  • Sargas‘ Hijiri Tsukishima (Ryou Kikuchi) “Wonderful Stage
  • Rigel‘s Yosuke Shibuya (Junya Komatsu) “Ride on

  • Gekidan Altair’s 2nd grader Shozo Morishita (Shozo Tamura) “Beginning

  • Gekidan Altair’s 2nd grader Tatsuya Nakano (Tatsuya Iizuka) “Be With You

  • Gekidan Altair’s 2nd grader Nobuaki Azabu (Nobuaki Oka) “Love★Dangerous

SOURCE: Tsukipro official youtube channel / TSUKICRO official website