GANG×ROCK unveil lineup for ASTRAGALUS

GANG×ROCK unveiled the lineup for its upcoming band, ASTRAGALUS.

GANG×ROCK, music project created by Techno Art that mixes “delinquents” and “bands” in the same place, introduced a new band to their franchise. ASTRAGALUS joins Odin;s, Enriedo, WaTCH DoGS and Kouriyo Rengoukai (蛟龍連合会).

Here’s the key visual (character design by Tamaoo Shira):

ASTRAGALUS consists of Masanori Kobayashi (Band Yarouze!’s OSIRIS), Kentaro Kumagai (SideM’s FRAME), Jun Kasama (SideM’s Legenders) and Yasuaki Takumi (Alchemist).

The quartet is confirmed to attend a special Nico Nico broadcast on 15/04/2019.

More information will follow in the upcoming months.

SOURCE: GANG×ROCK official twitter account / Pash+