Fujin RIZING! to host special broadcast in June


Fujin RIZING! is going to meet its fans through a special broadcast in June.

Fujin RIZING!, pop-rock outfit consisting of Yoshiki Nakajima (on vocals and saxophone), Atsushi Abe (Bass), Makoto Kaneko (guitar), Kodai Sakai (trombone), Yoshino Hiroyuki (drums), are going to meet their fans through a special broadcast.

元気にBANZAI!!! (Genki ni BANZAI!!!) is going to live broadcasted on Youtube and Periscope on 14/06/2020 at 20h JST.
Fujin RIZING! Genki ni Banzai
Fujin RIZING!‘s Yoshiki Nakajima (vocals and saxophone), Makoto Kaneko (guitar) and Kodai Sakai (trombone) are going to host this special broadcast.

According to the official announcement on Twitter, the broadcast will count with a lot of new information.

For more details on this special live stream, please refer to the official website (link below).

On another note: Argonavis and GYROAXIA – alongside Fujin RIZING!‘s Yoshiki Nakajima, Makoto Kaneko and Kodai Sakai – are going to participate in the DAY 3 of their sound only live, ARGONAVIS 3rd LIVE CROSSING “Sound Only Live”.

Source: ARGONAVIS Official twitter account

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  1. … Someone needs to tell those people the kid with the pink hair isn’t playing a trumpet OR a saxophone… that’s a trombone…

    • If I am not wrong, the abbreviation they have on the promo photo – “tb.” – means “tuba” which is weird lol
      “tbn.” is the right abbreviation for trombone.

      I will be correcting name of the instrument on this side as to avoid confusion (I actually went on to write that this was a trumpet – my miss – which is close in looks but no cigar).

      Thanks for the input, Linsey!

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