Fero☆Men’s Junichi Suwabe announces new projects for the duo in 2018


It’s been over a year and half since we last heard of Fero☆Men. The visual-kei unit consisting of Junichi Suwabe and Kousuke Toriumi has been off the radar since March 2016. Today, Suwabe decided to put an end to the silence and shed some light over future projects.

Junichi Suwabe went on a series of tweets to explain the unit’s silence since last year’s “MAGIC MIRROR“.

He started by announcing that there are new projects in place for Fero☆Men. He mentions there will be a single release and a live concert/event (this one mostly likely to be held in January). Even if there are no set dates right (only the vague “January”), Suwabe let everyone know that starting that month, fans can expect a lot of new things coming from the unit.

He then adds that he ” hopes fans can prepare themselves for what is going to be released in 2018“.

Junichi Suwabe

Suwabe reminded fans that the unit debuted in 2004 (the first single was released in 2009) and so far have released 5 singles and one full length album. He also put enphasis on the fact that both him and Toriumi produce their music (they are self producing their songs since the beginning).

After clarifying that, he went on to explain why there haven’t been any music releases from the unit stating that firstly, despite having released music, they are not musicians and given that their primary job as voice actors takes up a lot of their time, it’s hard to even think about working on new music.
He jokingly concluded his rant saying that some people think that Fero☆Men‘s visuals are all about them crossdressing but according to Suwabe, the concept behind their shocking visuals is slightly different from what people perceive.

You can read the whole announcement/rant below.

After addressing Fero☆Men‘s future endeavors it seems that fans have calmed down a bit (they had been particularly vocal about wanting the duo to make a comeback). Now there’s only enthusiam within their fanbase as the great drought in Fero☆Men‘s news has finally been put to rest.

As usual we’ll be covering Fero☆Men‘s news. As soon as more information is available about the new single and other projects we’ll update everyone.

SOURCE: Junichi Suwabe Official twitter account

Translation by midorin

For more about Fero☆Men please visit their official website or check their tag on our website.

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