Fero☆Men unveil title and details for upcoming single “Opera”

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Fero☆Men return from hiatus with a new single. The unit consisting of Junichi Suwabe and Kousuke Toriumi will perform the ending theme for upcoming anime “Dies Irae“.

Opera” is Fero☆Men‘s 6th single, scheduled to be released on 29/11/2017 and available in two editions: A and B.

The tracklist is the following for the A edition:

1 - オペラ (Opera)
2 - AnGeL fAlL
3 - オペラ(Instrumental)
4 - AnGeL fAlL(Instrumental)

The tracklist is the following for the B edition:

1 – オペラ
2 – AnGeL fAlL【inversion】
3 – オペラ(Instrumental)
4 – AnGeL fAlL(Instrumental)

More details – cover art, promotional photos, music video preview – will be released at a later date. As soon as those are unveiled we’ll update this news.

On another note:

Fero☆Men are going to hold their first one man live next year.

The tour is titled “AnGeL fAlL” and the official dates are out:

January 27, 2018 – Night performance
January 28, 2018 – Day and Night performances

The shows/events will be held at Maihama Amphitheater. It’s stated that more details will be announced closer to the show’s dates. These events will be a little bit different than normal. Fero☆Men are working alongside Bunoh Fujisawa, a famous playwright and director known for his work in recitation plays (those theatre plays in which actors read their lines directly from the script), in order to deliver perfect and original stage performances. They expect to gather a lot of attention with their performances in January.

Opera” is already available for pre-order on CDJAPAN for all overseas fans.

Opera / Phero Men
Phero Men
Opera / Phero Men
Phero Men

SOURCES: Feromen official twitter account

For more about Fero☆Men please visit their official website or check their tag on our website.

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