SEIYUU LOUNGE: podcast on male seiyuu and the seiyuu industry

Launched in August 2020 to celebrate The Hand That Feeds HQ’s 10th anniversary, SEIYUU LOUNGE is the 1st podcast focused on male seiyuu and the seiyuu industry itself.

SEIYUU LOUNGE arrives as a podcast in which not only you’ll go down memory lane and revisit some of the most powerful and important moments in the seiyuu industry and that your favorite seiyuu were a part of, but you also learn the behind the scenes of the industry.

This is a podcast that is welcoming to both veteran fans of seiyuu as well as newcomers and those that want to get into Japanese voice actors but don’t know where to start, what is fact and what is speculation, and what goes on behind the scenes.

The content crafted for SEIYUU LOUNGE is made in a clear and accessible way, even when it comes to talking about terms exclusive to music production and recordings.

Vanessa Silva, The Hand That Feeds HQ’s founder and content creator is your host, sharing her experience in the music industry and geeking about music production and recordings from time to time with you.

Where to listen or watch

SEIYUU LOUNGE is available in all leading podcast service distributors.

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At the same time, for those that like to have images, graphics, videos and photos alongside all the themes and topics being talked about, SEIYUU LOUNGE is also available in video format on YouTube.

Below are the EPISODES, in chronological order, for your viewing pleasure.

10 most recent episodes of SEIYU LOUNGE

EP.16 – Male Seiyuu voice tones and vocal register SEIYUU LOUNGE

What does your favorite male seiyuu's voice sound like? What is their voice register? These are just some of the questions that fans of seiyuu and music ask themselves. In this episode of SEIYUU LOUNGE you will learn the basics to tell apart baritones, tenors and bass singers as well as the difference between voice tones and voice types. Below are some of the songs I mentioned for you to listen to and understand the topics I was talking about: 🎵 Soma Saito “Lemming, Ai, Obelisk” (レミング、愛、オベリスク)   🎵 Yuma Uchida “ERROR”  🎵 Toshiyuki Toyonaga “Kitten” and “Yume no Meto” (ゅめのめと) /  🎵 GRANRODEO “Odyssey ~ sono nantonaku o shirinagara ~” (odyssey ~そのなんとなくを知りながら~)  🎵 Makoto Furukawa in “Dokeshi to (sadness)” (道化師と..(sadness))  🎵 MEDICODE “Rosa” Articles on vocal tones and vocal register: — Send in a voice message:
  1. EP.16 – Male Seiyuu voice tones and vocal register
  2. EP.15 – Recording seiyuu music: recording sessions
  3. EP.14 – Producing seiyuu music: gear and studio
  4. EP.13 – Dubbing, narration, games and drama CD recordings
  5. EP.12 – How do anime recordings work?
  6. EP.11 – The blurred lines between seiyuu and "talento"
  7. EP.10 – How much has the music industry changed for male seiyuu?
  8. EP.9 – Auditions and its dark secrets
  9. EP.8 – Seiyuu Ranking System and Earnings
  10. EP.7 – Rise and Fall of Seiyuu Music Franchises [PART 2]

Interesting topics on Seiyuu and the Seiyuu industry

What are seiyuu? What do seiyuu do?

Seiyuu Ranking System and Earnings

Blurred Lines between Seiyuu and Talento

The dark side of auditions in the seiyuu industry

Episodes of SEIYUU LOUNGE drop every Friday.

Every month, new, extended articles based on the episodes are released.