Fantôme Iris release cover of GLAY’s “Yuuwaku”

Fantôme Iris released a powerful cover of GLAY‘s “Yuuwaku“.

Fantôme Iris consists on Arthur Lounsbery (on vocals), Wada Masaya (Guitar), Jun Fukuyama (guitar), Tsubasa Yonaga (bass) and Taiyo Ayukawa (drums).

The band released their cover of the 1998 pop-rock song, Yuuwaku by GLAY through a brief lyric video.

The cover was premiered today during the band’s no-audience live, Fantôme Iris S-SOL -histoire des vampires-.

Check out the cover below!

On another note, Fantôme Iris are going to release their first digital single, histoire, tomorrow. Get to know all about it in this article.

Source: AAside official twitter account